Intersect is a podcast dedicated to celebrating and promoting the intersection of God, the world, and the church.

Matt will post one or two episodes a week, You can listen on a variety of podcast app, or through a web browser.

If you are involved in your local community in a way that shares God’s love, Matt would love to interview you. Matt can come to you or visit with you online.

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Train and send
“A 100 years from now, people will primarily think of the church as a community who goes to announce and spread the healing of God’s presence. This is what it means to follow Jesus.”

Matt Skolnik, host of Intersect


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Building Community with Courtney Brown

Matt interviews Courtney Brown from Habitat for Humanity.
Courtney brings knowledge, passion, and love for God’s people. 
Courtney shares in this interview, that as we live in a post-Christian world and people do not go to church as much as they use to, people get use to be surrounded by Christian community durning builds, but when the build is over, they still desire Christian community that has moved on to the next home.
Does anyone see an opportunity??!?!?!

What are your 3 ministry pipe lines? 

In this episode, Matt interviews Mike Smith, pastor of John Knox Presbyterian Church.
As part of this conversation, Matt asks Mike about his experience in the insurance business and how some of the skills he developed there are helpful in ministry. Together, Mike and Matt explore what it is like to provide easy stepping stones for people to slowly become vital members of the Body of Christ, the church. Matt calls these series of pathways Ministry Funnels or Ministry Pipe Lines. Mike, from the insurance world, calls them leads.

College ministry with Linda Leon

Why generations are missing!
Linda Leon is the Director or Spiritual Formation at Malone University, and has been in college ministry for 30 years!
Linda is a strong pastor who loves her students. Impressively, Linda starts her ministry plan from scratch every 5 years with yearly detailed evaluations. When was the last time you wrote a ministry plan for your church or ministry from scratch?!?!?! Maybe never…
Just as importantly, do you have a ministry funnel or pipeline that lets people outside of your church get to know you? Then do you have a plan to serve them, love them, and welcome them into a Christian community?

Behind bars with Tom 

In this edition, Matt interviews Pastor Tom Roepke. Tom lives and serves in Richland and Ashland counties in Ohio. Together, Tom and Matt unfold the nature of ministering with men who are incarcerated, and how the church often does not know how to speak and work with men. There is also a brief discussion about what it means to develop a ministry flow that reaches the crowds and helps people funnel themselves into being a vibrant part of a congregation.